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March 27, 2010 / Stephen Slaughter Head

Giveaway #1: Naruto, Bleach and Honey & Clover Anime DVDs from Viz Media

Hey all, Steve here.

We’ve got a contest for you. If you’re into anime, you’re going to dig it.

Courtesy of our friends at Viz Media, we have, let’s just say, a large quantity of anime DVDs; the latest volumes of the series: Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon: Elements and Honey & Clover.

What must you do to get one?

Well, Mr. Black decrees these DVDs go to anime fans of Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon: Elements and Honey & Clover.

Here’s all you have to do. It’s simple. Send us an email at postmoviepodcast[at] with the following 3 elements:

1) Tell us which series DVD you’d most like to receive – Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon: Elements or Honey & Clover

2) From that series, tell us who your favorite character is, and

3) Tell us and why you love that series

You don’t have to write a 1,000-word essay, simply a few sentences, or however long you need to say what you’d like to say.

We’ll choose our favorite emails. And if we choose yours, we’ll get the DVD in the mail and on its way to you.

The Viz Media Anime Giveaway will remain in effect until each DVD has a home; at which point I’ll update this post noting that the giveaway is officially closed.

Until then, anime fans, send us your emails and get one of these new DVDs!

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