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June 2, 2010 / Stephen Slaughter Head

Episode #26: Sex and the City 2

This is a mere guess, but New Line Cinema probably didn’t put much energy into selling Sex and the City 2 to men in the over forty bracket. That aside, what you have here is a couple of men – Yes, men. Although from time to time we act like boys – talking about the movie.  And it may come as a surprise to some of you that I’m not completely uninformed on the subject. I have viewed actual episodes of Sex and the City. For real.

Now, if I had to recommend one of our other episodes to listen to, if Sex and the City isn’t your thing, it’s our interview with Amber Benson, director of the movie Drones.  Reason is, I feel like it’s an interview that simply went well from start to finish; not that our others haven’t. But you know the feeling you get when you know the conversation is flowing? Well, that’s what happened. Give it a listen.

On the subject of Drones, John recommends checking out the movie All My Friends Are Funeral Singers on DVD – another reason to listen to the podcast by clicking on the link below. It stars Angela Bettis. She plays Amy, one of the evil-ish employees of OmniLink in Drones. Considering the direction in which her career has progressed, saying “Angela Bettis is the queen of indie horror films” isn’t an exaggeration.

You can download the show or play now in your browser.
Total running time: 34:40

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