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September 24, 2010 / Stephen Slaughter Head

Soundtrack Giveaway: Let’s Get You the ‘Jack Goes Boating’ CD, Okay?

Hey all, we’ve got a nice giveaway for you today: the CD soundtrack for the new movie Jack Goes Boating. I saw it last week. Liked it a lot more than John did (which we will discuss in episode #44). And I digged the music, particularly the Bill Evans and Evan Laurie tracks. So, I inquired with the studio’s pr people about doing a giveaway, and they were gracious enough to provide us with three copies of the soundtrack.

What do you need to do to get one? Simply send an email to postmoviepodcast[at] telling us your favorite Philip Seymour Hoffman film and why you love it. We’ll go over the submissions this week and announce the winners on next week’s show (probably episode #45). So send ’em on in!

I’ve been listening to my copy on repeat (not a whole lot of repeat cuz that can get monotonous, but yes, repeat). Here’s a couple photos of the CD, plus the track listing.


1.  Oliver James – Fleet Foxes
2.  All We Ask – Grizzly Bear
3.  Rivers Of Babylon – The Melodians
4.  Snow – Evan Lurie
5.  Where Is My Love – Cat Power
6.  Eat Yourself – Goldfrapp
7.  White Winter Hymnal – Fleet Foxes
8.  Didn’t I – Darondo
9.  Dearly Departed – Devotchka
10.  Hello, Young Lovers – Mel Torme
11.  Overcome Me – Evan Lurie
12.  Blue Moon – Dave’s True Story
13.  Peace Piece – Bill Evans


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