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November 5, 2010 / Stephen Slaughter Head

Episode #47: ‘Due Date,’ ‘Megamind,’ ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ and ‘Saw 3D’

This week John and I discuss Warner’s Due Date, Dreamwork’s Megamind, Paramount’s Paranormal Activity 2 and Lionsgate’s Saw 3D.   

For home video picks of the week, I recommend Baz Lehrmann’s Moulin Rouge and Romeo & Juliet on Blu-ray. And John implores you to see the Stephne Sondhiem musical Evening Primrose, starring Anthony Perkins, and Nice Guy Johnny, starring Edward Burns.

You can click and play now in your browser, or download it.

The total running time: 40:52

NOTE: Please excuse the audio quality of the episode. We’ve been trying Skype. And although there are positives to using Skype, the variable audio quality is certainly a negative. We’re intent to fix this as soon as possible.


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